BizForms is built for submitting forms for staff on the go. Paper-based forms can be done away with when any staff member with a mobile device can complete a digital form in BizForms and submit it when they’re outside the office.

From the comfort of your office, login to the web-management to add jobs and view completed forms. Assign jobs to staff while they’re out and reduce the reliance on phone calls and emails to pass on information.

Enable your business to complete forms and view documents from any mobile device, anywhere, any time. BizForms is accessible from any internet-connected device* – desktop computer, iPhones, iPads, android smartphones and tablets, Windows phones.

iPhone, iPad and android apps also available.


Need to get a form authorised or approved? Easily collect signatures from technicians or customers without the use of a pen.


Prove what’s being described. Show some evidence. Snap a photo or choose images from your device to integrate into the form and show exactly what you’re talking about.

Document Library

Have a library of documents accessible for all technicians on the road. View Material Safety Data Sheets, Company Policies and Procedures or include any other documents right from your mobile device or web portal. You get to manage the Document Library to add, view or remove any file you please.

Pre-filled Forms

Cut down time and avoid filling in the exact same information every time. With pre-filled forms you can customise what data goes where, saving you time and money.

For example, if doing a particular inspection which always contains certain text in 10 different fields, you can choose this inspection from a drop-down list and these 10 fields will be pre-filled.


Save a revision of a form to be reviewed or edited at a later time, enabling multiple users to contribute to the form.

For example, Adam travels to the worksite to capture the initial information, collecting a signature on site at the end of day one. Bob travels to the same worksite on day two, loads the form Adam filled in the day before and adds any extra information missing from day one.

Email and SMS Notifications

Once a job is added, all assigned staff instantly receive an email or SMS to alert them.

Job Number Integration

Use the integrated job numbering system to incrementally manage job numbers. With each job having its own automated job number the work is traceable, adding transparency to your jobs and all information collected.

Alternatively you can type in your own job number to use instead of using the automatic numbering.

Assign Jobs to Staff on the Go

As jobs arise you can assign them to staff on the road. Need Alice to visit an additional site just down the road from where she is working now? Add her to a job and she’ll get an SMS message to let her know where to go next.

Required Fields

Need to make sure certain information is always included in a form? Required fields can be setup to make sure they’re filled in each time, every time. No more missing the clients name or a particular date when gathering information.

In Form Calculations

Save time by using in-built calculations to accurately calculate percentages, quotes, estimated hours – whatever you need.

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